English Bulldog Breeding Services
Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination has become a very common means of reproduction for many breeds of dogs but it is actually a necessity for English Bulldogs, few of which can mate naturally. As a "short-nosed" breed, the bulldog's ability to cool itself through panting is limited. If a long "tie" occurs between the male and female during natural breeding, this can result in overheating of on or both dogs. By using artificial insemination, this dangerous possibility is averted.

There are also other benefits of using artificial insemination:

  • prevents physical harm caused by a dominant or aggressive bitch
  • avoids introduction of bacteria into the female reproductive tract which can result in infection
  • greatly reduces risk of sexually transmitted disease from male to female, with no risk at all to the male

If you are located nearby, artificial insemination can be performed with fresh semen, or we can ship you cooled semen overnight.

For detailed information on artificial insemination, please see our Resources page.

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