English Bulldog Puppies for Sale

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English Bulldog Puppies for Sold - 2019

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VIEW PHOTOS OF DAISY (female) - $3,800

VIEW PHOTOS OF GINGER (female) -$3,800

VIEW PHOTOS OF AXEL (male) - $3,800

VIEW PHOTOS OF SUGAR (female) - $4,200

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"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole!" Roger Caras  

Note: Puppy names are for our identification purposes only and are not registered names.
You may name new puppy whatever you like!

Puppychase Kennels breeds top quality AKC English Bulldog puppies raised for the highest English Bulldog standard with lots of love and care. We have many Champions in our Pedigree. We breed for conformation, temperament, and health. All of our babies come with shots, health certificate and health guarantee.

Buying an English Bullog puppy from us will give you peace of mind that you are purchasing the best quality puppy available. We welcome all potential buyers to visit our kennel personally to pick out a puppy of your dreams.

Please be aware of the numerous English Bulldog scams and frauds that are growing more prevalent by the day. There is no such thing as a quality English bullog puppy for $800 or $1,000. Read more about English Bulldog Scams.

Quote from a Puppychase Visitor:

I wanted to say, "Thank you" for allowing me to come over and visit with your bulldog famlies. I am in love...... I've only been around 2 English Bulldogs and they were already a year old or older. It was such a treat for me today to see so many different aged babies. I have wanted one for as long as I can remember but have heard so many horror stories about purchasing one, and not getting a healthy one. There is no doubt in my mind that yours are cared for like family and probably better than most pet owners care for a single pet.

Please keep in touch.... I don't work very far from your home, so I can come by to give you my deposit as soon as you feel comfortable. I would like to come by next Friday to visit and/or help if needed.

Again, thank you for making my day today!

Tracie Manning

We accept cash, bank to bank transfer, or credit cards through Paypal (3% service charge added).

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