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This is just a very brief list of the useful English Bulldog information that can be found on the Internet, but it is a good starting point to learning more about English Bulldogs and breeding in general!

Puppy Scams

JUNE 8, 2007: The Today Show: Scam Artists New Targets - Dog Lovers

MAY 31, 2007, Good Morning America: Cruel Breed: Scam Targets Dog Lovers (news story and videos)

So You Want to Buy and English Bulldog Puppy: Beware of the Scam Artist

Artificial Insemination, Semen Collection & Cooled Semen Shipping

Colorado State University: Semen Collection from Dogs

Breeder Vet: Artificial Insemination

Robert B. Hutchinson: Maximizing Conception Rates using Fresh, Cooled, or Frozen Canine Semen

Hamilton Research, Inc.: Rover Cooled Semen Shipper

English Bulldog Breeding: Shipped Semen



Debbie Jensen's Whelping Guide: Canine Due Date Calculator. This ia a great javascript calculator that also provides day by ay information on what to expect throughout your dog's pregnancy.

The Bulldog Information Library:

Wing-n-Wave Labradors: Canine Reproduction

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General Information

The Bulldog Information Library

Bulldog Club of America: Breed Stanard Illustrated Guide and Video Clips of Gaits

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