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Artificial Insemination

We offer artificial insemination stud services to approved English Bulldog females. Our English Bulldog boys are AKC registered, with many champions throughout their pedigree. Stud services fees are $650 and up (dependent upon stud chosen) and include 3 vials of semen. Just let us know when your female is starting to go into heat, so together we can plan it out.

On Site Breeding Services


We can provide artificial insemination of your female on our premises. Semen inseminated will be guaranteed to be alive and motile. Accurate timing of the female's cycle is crucial for success. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for any other details or information.

Fresh Cooled Semen


We can ship fresh-chilled semen straight to your veterinarian. Cost will include stud fee and appropriate shipping costs. Semen shipped from us will be guaranteed to be alive and motile. If for some reason your veterinarian does not approve of the the semen quality, your female must not be inseminated with the semen and you must contact us the same day of receipt of semen to inform us so we may arrange another shipment or a refund. However, if your veterinarian inseminates your female with the semen, ALL guarantees from us are void and there will be no refund. Conception after live, motile semen delivery is the sole responsibility of the female's owner and veterinarian. Accurate timing of the female's cycle  and proper use of the semen is crucial for your success. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for any other details or information.

Instructions for Shipped Semen

  1. Information we need to know:
    • When you will need the semen. We need to know the day prior so it can be shipped overnight for next day morning delivery.
    • Which stud you intend to use
    • The first day of your female's heat (if using a vet he can tell you what day the semen will need to be inseminated).
    • Contact name, shipping address, and phone of to whom the semen will be shipped
    • A copy of your female's pedigree and photo for our records and for filling out the breeder's information for registration (taken from the final price) to guarantee you a spot, when your female is ready.
  2. Stud fee payment of $650.00 (or higher depending on the stud) is required in advance plus shipping charges. We have no idea what the shipping charges are till we get some info from you. Every zip code has a different price. Call us for details.
  3. The second and third shipment for same female require shipping fees for FedEx Next Day Air.
  4. During collection there will be a semen analysis to make sure the stud's semen is of sufficient quality to produce puppies. We do add extender to enhance the longevity and the motility of the semen.
  5. Please call as early as possible, so the semen can be sent out without delay. We will need to know before 4:30 pm if you need semen for the next morning. NOTE: Before shipping semen everything must be paid in full to ensure no delay on shipment. If a RUSH SHIPMENT* is needed add $25.00 extra

Checking the Motility of the Sample

  • Motility of the semen sample always should be checked prior to insemination.
  • Motility analysis should always be performed on samples warmed to 37°C (chilled sperm can appear non-motile or sluggish until warmed).
  • Gently invert the sample tube several times to mix.
  • Using a pipette, place a drop of semen on a pre-warmed microscope slide and cover with a pre-warmed coverslip.
  • If available, keep the slide on a slide warmer or a heated microscope stage for a few minutes before checking the motility under the microscope.
  • If your veterinarian does not approve of the semen quality, do not inseminate the female (see breeding contract above for more information).

Preparing for Insemination

  • You may chose to inseminate the entire dose, or save half for insemination on the next day. Enough semen will be shipped for either case.
  • Gently invert the sample tube several times to mix.
  • If you chose to inseminate on two consecutive days, draw up half of the semen dose into the insemination syringe and store the remaining sample in the refrigerator overnight. (Divide the sample into two doses before warming. Do not warm the sample then re-cool it.)
  • Warm the semen sample to be inseminated in your hand or pocket for a few minutes.
  • Inseminate the female immediately.

Please feel free to call us anytime: 404-569-9235.

*RUSH SHIPMENT* this is paying the same day your shipment needs to be sent. If you do this I have to change my schedule to accommodate your shipping needs at the last minute, if payment in full has not been made your shipment will be delayed until payment is received.

We accept cash, bank to bank transfer, or credit cards through Paypal (3% service charge added).

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