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Febraury 28, 2012 (from Facebook)

1 year old now Jason! His chest is getting big and his head is finally catching up. Isn't he a handsome devil! Thank you for such a wonderful boy!

Julie Lassiter


February 13, 2012 (from Facebook)

Just wanted to say we are absolutely in love with our new addition!! Baby Stella is so sweet!! Thank you so much!!

Jason and Jenny Noland


January 6, 2012 (from Facebook)

Once upon a time, in the year 2000, I met my now-husband, an English bulldog lover. For over 6 years, he dragged me to pet stores and breeders all over the east coast trying to convince me not to run, hide, or jump on his back every time I saw a dog, any dog.

In March, 2006, he found Jason Longley and Michelle Tanner Longley at Puppychase Kennels. After a few visits with them and their pups, he convinced me to join him. As a dog-scaredy-cat, it was certainly not the puppies that triggered a change in me. Michelle held my hand as 5 or 6 cute, wonderful, adorable, cotton-ball puppies licked at my ankles; in my eyes, these monsters were no less than 300 pounds and 8 feet tall. Jason maintained eye contact with me and answered every question, including "are they going to eat me?" With my husband, the Longleys comforted me, coached me, trained me and encouraged me.

On February 1, we will proudly celebrate Burberri’s sixth birthday; April 6 will be six years since she came home with us.

Today, I am a Puppychase fan, English bulldog devotee, and a lover of most dogs! I volunteer at kennels, assist with Humane Society adoptions, and visit Puppychase kennels on a very regular basis. Burberri and I have spent thousands of hours visiting with the puppies, dogs, and people at Puppychase. Night and day, we have watched the Longleys provide the constant monitoring, attention and preliminary medical care needed to nurture and develop puppies who consistently grow to be wonderful companions. And, they do it all while providing uncompromised care to their bulldogs, that they walk, feed, bathe, visit, and love all day, every day.

So, as an insider, I will share one well-kept secret about Puppychase Kennels... Drum roll please.... Jason and Michelle are more devoted to their dogs and pups than even they realize. I know Jason and Michelle. I know their home and kennels are immaculate at all times (I have dropped by unannounced on many occasions). I know they are connected to every puppy. I know safe care is the foundation of their business. I have watched Michelle feed a puppy with a dropper to make sure it’s getting enough to eat. I have watched Jason obtain a puppy’s health certificate and prepare the puppy for safe travel. I have participated in the twice-daily cleaning of all pups, dogs and their living quarters. I have learned from the unconditional, personal care the Longleys provide to their family members and can confirm their dogs, their puppies, their staff and their customers are family members.

I hope you will not let anything, even a fear of dogs, discourage you from the enjoyment of owning an English bulldog from Puppychase Kennels. And, if you are so fortunate to join the family, you can trust the Longleys will provide a safe delivery from their home to yours. And, you will live happily ever after......

If interested, there are albums on my FB with pictures of Burberri, my Puppychase bulldog, Louie, my neighbor’s Puppychase bulldog, and Munson, my Cousin Suzy’s Puppychase bulldog. Pictured here is Burberri, formerly known as Maggie, with her sister Chloe in the back and her buddy Champ in the front; the photo was taken at Puppychase Kennels 5 days before she came home with us. :)

Pamela Pettus

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